Decorative Stone


Stone can be used to dress up landscape beds and when used with a landscape fabric they also help minimize weed growth. There are many sizes to choose from, and aside from a few quality and functional issues, stone is chosen based on how it will look in your landscape and how much it costs.


When using it in a bed it takes a good 6" to 8" to sufficiently cover the ground. As with other stones it takes a couple layers of stone so you cannot see thru to the ground underneath.


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#3 Oversize Creek Gravel


1 1/2" to 3", 4", 5" in diameter.

This is a round smooth stone. Is is often used to border trees, around pools and waterscapes and in landscape beds. The rocks are likely to stay in place better than smaller rocks.

Colors are multicolored and vary from a tan to reds to blue/grays. It is a less expensive alternative to you landscape.




Glacial Oversize


2" to 10 "

Glacial stone is dredged from River Basins, The movement of the river grinds down the stones till they are mostly round.

It is often used around pools, landscape beds and waterscapes.

The stone is multicolored. This product is shipped in from the western side of PA. It does have sand in it. This is beyond our control. The price per ton has been lowered to make up for this.






Glacial #3 Special


1 1/2" to 3" 








2B Glacial









1/2" to1 1/2"

Red Decorative Limestone



This stone is a barn red color. The color is alot nicer than the picture shows.











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